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By Kyle Fahey

August 1st, 2017 in



Go Beyond the Basics: Try these Unusual Z-Wave Devices

Creative Alternatives to Basic Z-Wave Systems

When it comes to DIY smart home automation, you have the opportunity to get really innovative and creative with the technology. That’s especially true if you’re using Z-Wave, which has nearly 2,000 different certified products to choose from. While choosing a standard “off-the-shelf” smart system may be easier than picking out individual products, we encourage you to explore all of the neat options out there. You don’t have to stick with a basic starter kit if something creative is more your style.

So what are those unusual options? Here are some of our favorite out-of-the-box solutions:

1.   The Mouser

The only one of its kind, the Mouser is a Z-Wave device that keeps you up to date about your rodent-trapping attempts. It really is an example of technology allowing us to finally build a better mousetrap. For example, instead of placing a regular trap in the attic and then either having to check it every day or waiting until the noxious odor of a dead mouse fills your home, you can leave the mousetrap to do its thing and then immediately get a notification when the trap needs to be emptied. Smart!

2.   Water Main Shut-Off Valve

Water leak sensors are often considered a quintessential part of a smart home—they stay on the lookout for water leaks throughout your home so that in the unfortunate event that your water heater breaks or your toilet overflows, you can try to fix the issue before your home floods.

However, water leak sensors have one weak point: What’s the value of getting notified about a water leak if you’re not there to fix it? That’s where the water main shut-off valve comes into play. It can actually turn off your water main automatically in the event of a water leak, or you can turn the water main on/off using your smartphone. It puts you back in control, going from leak awareness to leak prevention.

3.   Qubino Weather Station

We’ve talked about Qubino’s weather station before, but it’s worth another mention because of how neat and creative the product is. This Z-Wave device captures 10 different weather-related metrics, such as humidity, temperature, wind direction, rainfall, and more. You can integrate the weather station into your Z-Wave system, and then your smart home can use all of that weather data to proactively keep your home energy-efficient and protected from the elements.

4.   Aeotec’s Sound Sensor

Most smart sensors track movement, such as a window opening or someone walking in a room. Those sensors are definitely valuable, but Aeotec has taken a different approach by tracking sounds. So if a thief tries to break into your home by smashing a window pane, the sound sensor will identify the specific noise of glass breaking and send an alert to your Z-Wave alarm.


Buttons are overrated. The newest way to control your Z-Wave system is by waving a hand. With FIBARO’s SWIPE device, you can do things like turn off the lights, start a smart scene, or lower the window shades with a single hand gesture.

So the next time you’re considering adding a device to your Z-Wave system, take the opportunity to explore some of the more creative options out there. You can find out more about the Mouser, Shut-Off Valve, and our other Z-Wave devices by visiting our online store.