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By Matt Cwiokowski

September 7th, 2016 in



Meet the Mouser: the World’s First Z-Wave Electric Mousetrap

Eliminate Pesky Rodents the Smart Way

The Internet of Things has completely changed the modern household, making it easier and more convenient to do everyday tasks like turning on the lights or adjusting the temperature. Over time, more and more devices have become “smart” by communicating remotely with your phone, tablet, or computer. You can remotely control the refrigerator, your door locks, and the television, but what about mousetraps? Say hello to the mouser, the very first Z-wave electric mousetrap on the market.

How Does the Mouser Work?

The Mouser is a small device that lures mice and other rodents into a container using bait, sends a jolt of electricity that instantly and humanely neutralizes the animal, and then lights up and sends an alert to your smartphone or other connected devices to let you know that the trap is ready to be emptied. The Mouser uses Z-Wave technology to connect to a smart home hub such as SmartThings or Logitech Harmony, keeping you in the loop via instant, customizable notifications such as a text message. Don’t have Z-Wave smart devices in your home? No problem. The Mouser can still catch and electrocute rodents without connecting to a hub. No cords or cables required—the Mouser is fully battery operated and has a two-year battery life (at least 50 electric zaps).

What are the Advantages of a Smart Mousetrap?

If you have ever used a regular mousetrap, you know that the design definitely leaves room for improvement. The Mouser is, simply put, a better mousetrap.

Instead of having to check the mousetrap every day, simultaneously hoping it caught something while dreading seeing the dead rodent, you get an alert on your phone as soon as the rodent is caught and electrocuted. You don’t have to waste time checking an empty trap, and you also don’t have to leave the rodent until it starts to stink. 

Regular mousetraps can be difficult to set up, but the Mouser only takes a few minutes to get up and running. Follow your smart hub’s instructions for device inclusion, insert the batteries and any bait of your choosing, press the Connect button, and it’s ready to go! The bait area is removable for easy washing, and because the Mouser eliminates rodents using electrocution, removal of the animal is completely mess-free: just grab the handle and tip the trap over a garbage can, then arm it again to catch any other pests in your home.

Why Don’t I Just Get a Cat to Deal with Mice?

Excellent question. You may have noticed that the Mouser’s design resembles a cat in some ways. However, unlike owning a cat, you don’t have to feed the Mouser (unless rodent bait counts…in which case yes, you have to feed the Mouser). The Mouser will never sit on your keyboard while you’re trying to get work done or pretend to ignore you when you want to cuddle it. The Mouser gives you all of the rodent-catching benefits of a cat…without having to deal with the “presents” your cat leaves for you to find.

Where Can I Put the Mouser?

Anywhere in your home that offers a reliable Z-Wave signal. Place it in basements, attics, garages, and other areas where rodents are a common sighting. Mice tend to move along walls instead of running through the middle of the room, so we recommend placing the Mouser against a wall or in the corner or a room. Because the Mouser is wireless, you don’t have to worry about keeping it near an electrical outlet.

Is the Mouser Humane?

Yes. The Mouser uses electric jolts to instantaneously kill rodents before they feel any pain. Unlike a regular mousetrap, which can catch a rodent’s limb and trap the animal painfully until it dies, the mouser ensures immediate death, with no prolonged suffering for the rodent.

How Can I Get the Mouser?

The Mouser is currently in production and will be available online for pre-order at the beginning of October, with more distribution channels and retail store access coming soon. To get notified about new product developments, subscribe to our email list by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop about the Mouser, other Z-Wave devices, and smart home technology trends.