We built a better mouse trap.
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The Mouser

The World's first smart mousetrap


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Pair the Mouser with your Z-Wave Hub and never worry about bloody mousetraps again. Configure your system to notify you immediately when a mouse is caught, or remind you to refresh the bait so there is never a smelly surprise waiting for you. The Mouser is also more humane than alternatives, since it works by electrocution and is quick, painless, and mess-free.


Why choose Us?


Get notified the instant you catch a mouse. Place a few Mouser units around your home, and set up your Z-Wave Hub to keep you in the loop when something is caught, or when the bait needs to be replaced.

Why choose Us?


The Mouser is perfect for businesses. Maintain sanitary standards in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other businesses without the hassle of traditional traps. Set up multiple traps and only check them when something is caught.

Why choose Us?


The Mouser works perfectly well without a Z-Wave network. When the trap is tripped, a blinking LED will remind you to empty the trap, and you can always add a Hub later on.



Battery Powered

Place anywhere and don't worry about finding power.

Quick and humane

The powerful electric shock knocks out rodents in a matter of seconds.

Easy maintenance

Easily replace the bait or dispose of caught rats without touching anything gross.

use without Z-Wave

In case you want the coolest mousetrap ever (but don't have a Hub.)

50 Zaps Per Set of Batteries

Or two years, depending on how many rodent roommates you have. That's SEVENTY mouse years!

Safe for Pets and Kids

A three second delay before the zap keeps children and pets safe.


Technical Data

Power supply 4x AA batteries (not included)
Battery Life 2 Years (50 Zaps)
Trap Method Electrocution
Power Consumption 0.6W
Operating temperature 32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C)
Warranty One Year Parts & Labor
Sensor Dimensions 8.5" x 4.5" x 5"

Z-Wave Info

Radio protocol Z-Wave(500 series)
Radio frequency 908.4 MHz US
Capabilities Notifications (Pest Control & Home Security)
Range Up to 150’ depending on environment


  • User Manual (PDF)
  • Advanced Manual (Web)
  • Installation (Web)
  • Basic Z-Wave Usage (Web)
  • Command Classes (Web)
  • Configuration Parameters (Web)

Package Contents

  • User Manual
  • Mouser
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