Simon says, lights-on!

Suddenly, that hand-me-down lamp is a smart lamp.
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The On/Off Plug-In Switch

Energy savings, safety, and convenience in one box.


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The Dome On/Off Plug-In Switch not only lets your Z-Wave Hub turn on or off any plugged in device, it will also let you know how much power it eats up everyday. Plus, it has built-in overload protection to prevent sparks and stuff, its small size so it doesn't hog the adjacent outlet, and it extends your Z-Wave range.

Smart Outlet USAGE IDEAS

Why choose Us?


Use with Door/Window Sensors or Motion Detectors to automatically turn on lamps when a room is occupied. Turn them off automatically if the room is vacant for an extended period of time.

Why choose Us?


Keep track of how much energy and money power-hungry appliances and electronics consume on a daily basis. You'll be surprised - some electronics like subwoofers consume energy even when they seem to be off.

Why choose Us?


Detect when your TV turns on and dim your lights automatically. Keep track of how often you or family members watch TV, and squash that habit with hard data.


Smart Outlet FEATURES

control dumb devices

Make your old lamp, aquarium pump, etc. smart!

Built-In Range Extender

Boost Z-Wave coverage in your home for more reliability.

Low Profile

Doesn't cover up the adjacent outlet (and it looks nice.)

overload protection

Automatically turns off and notifies you when overloaded.

customizable options

Customize the LED behavior, overload cutoff, and more.

Energy Monitoring

Know how much energy the plugged in device uses.


Technical Data

Power supply 110-230V AC 50/60Hz
Working current 35mA
Max Current 13A
Power Consumption 0.13W
Operating temperature 32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C)
Mounting Options Outlet (Single Space)
Warranty One Year Parts & Labor
Sensor Dimensions 1.8" x 1.8" x 1.8”

Z-Wave Info

Radio protocol Z-Wave(500 series)
Radio frequency 908.4 MHz US
Capabilities Binary Switch (Outlet)
Notifications (Overload)
Controllable LEDs
Range Up to 150’ depending on environment


  • User Manual (PDF)
  • Advanced Manual (Web)
  • Installation (Web)
  • Basic Z-Wave Usage (Web)
  • Command Classes (Web)
  • Configuration Parameters (Web)

Package Contents

  • On/Off Plug-In Switch
  • Manual
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